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Tattoo Salon in Krakow

Tattoo and piercing are the most popular services in the sector of beauty industry.

The history of the body drawings dates back thousands of years. Since ancient times, people have tattooed to show social status, family or tribe. With the help of body art, people learned about each other’s professional activities. Successful warriors of ancient tribes made marks on the body, which indicated victories in battles and fights. Today the reasons for getting a tattoo are radically different from the past.

Modern people turn to tattoo salon to decorate the body, make the appearance spectacular and original. Tattooing is an opportunity to show individuality and become like heroes. Many people fill up drawings in honor of significant events in life. Realistic images look like photographs. Talented masters make drawings that look like works of art. Tattoos can hide defects on the body. In order to meet expectations, come to the tattoo salon in Krakow «VeAn». Here you are waiting for real professionals who know how to make clients attractive and irresistible.

Tattoo Salon in Krakow
Tattoo Salon in Krakow

A large number of techniques and styles provide freedom of choice.

Everyone will be able to find an option. Experienced artists fulfill any wishes and ideas of clients. Ready tattoo on your body will be a full reflection of the intended image.

Piercing is not inferior to the tattoo in popularity. The service is in demand among people of any age and gender. The masters of «VeAn» studio will make a puncture in any part of the body and face. Experienced specialists make punctures of any complexity. The procedure is carried out in a sterile environment, which ensures safety for health.

The PMU service saves time and a woman do not need waist it for daily makeup. PMU is popular with women who look good and dream of a perfect look at any moment of the day or night. If you have a permanent make-up, you look perfect in any weather and under any circumstances. Aesthetic appearance is the result of the work of professionals who have knowledge and skills. If you choose the salon in Krakow «VeAn», you will not have to regret the decision. For our clients the best conditions have been created - favorable psychological atmosphere, maximum security, professional service.

Tattoo Salon in Krakow

Reasons to contact the
tattoo salon «VeAn»

Choosing a tattoo salon in Krakow «VeAn», you are guaranteed to get the expected result and health care.

Our masters will help to look fashionable and gain self-confidence. We offer a full range of services in the field of body modification:

  • Tattoo in any style.
  • Tattoo training.
  • Laser tattoo removal.
  • Piercing at any place of the body and face.
  • Piercing training.
  • PMU.
  • PMU training.
  • Laser tattoo removal.
  • Sale of consumables and professional products made for aftercare of fresh piercings, tattoos, PMU.
Tattoo Salon in Krakow
Tattoo Salon in Krakow
Tattoo Salon in Krakow

Detailed consultation is guaranteed to every visitor.

If you doubt or only plan to make a tattoo, PMU, piercing, come to the tattoo salon in Krakow «VeAn» and get answers to all questions. High qualification of our specialists leaves no doubt about the correctness of the decision. Satisfied clients are the main principle of our work. The second important rule is health safety.

Our masters constantly improve their skills by taking special courses, participating in international competitions and festivals. The knowledge, experience and desire to make our customers excellent helps our specialists to perform work at a high professional level. If you want to look fashionable and modern, come see how the real masters work.

Our approach to service delivery is based on strict adherence to health and professional standards. The rooms in the tattoo salon in Krakow «VeAn» are equipped with modern devices and the system of the leading companies of the world. Masters use high-quality consumables, the latest tools and preparations. After each session, the instruments are sterilized. During the procedure, the masters wear disposable gloves. Some procedures use disposable tools. The packaging is opened in the presence of the client before the session. Thanks to local anesthesia, our clients do not experience discomfort or pain during the procedures.

Tattoo Salon in Krakow

Laser removal

Sometimes you have to remove a tattoo or PMU.

To not disappoint the result, contact the tattoo salon in Krakow «VeAn», where only professionals work. Thanks to the use of modern equipment, the pigment is removed quickly and safely. Local anesthesia eliminates the possibility of painful and uncomfortable sensations. Complete PMU or tattoo removal requires 2-6 sessions. The number of sessions depends on the type of skin, age, type and color of pigments. Laser beam affects the pigment and destroys it. Gradually, pigment particles are excreted from skin tissues together with lymph flow.

For the tattoo and PMU training, our masters have already developed unique programs that consist of theoretical and practical exercises. The students work independently on tattooing, PMU and piercing. With our individual approach we help each listener to reach their potential. Come to the tattoo salon in Krakow «VeAn» to get quality services and make sure that we are the best!

Tattoo Salon in Krakow
Tattoo Salon in Krakow

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